Gang Prevention

PES have teamed up with GANGS - Get Away N Get Safe

In order to help reduce the UK gang culture.

GANGS' mission is simple.

We want to educate, inspire and empower young people to take control of their future by rejecting the gang lifestyle.

Our Aims:

To deliver our message “get away and get safe” to as many young people as possible.

To create safer communities free from fear and anti-social behaviour.

To inspire our young people to achieve their full potential.

To prevent further victims of gang related violence.

Our Experience

The GANGS (Get Away 'N' Get Safe) Prevention Programme was set up by James Riley in 2016 after working for 18 years within the Criminal Justice System as a Probation Officer.

For the final five years James was a specialist Probation Officer working solely with those involved in Urban Street Gangs and Organised Crime Groups in the Merseyside area.


Feedback from St Matthew's Primary School - February 2017

When first told about the ‘gangs workshops,’ some of the children became really excited – perhaps, for the wrong reasons- about how exciting these lessons were going to be. The frank, insightful and honest approach to the sessions quickly changed the atmosphere of the room and children soon became aware of the seriousness of the subject matter. The five day sessions have been a real highlight for children and staff who have continued the discussion across the curriculum for a number of days afterwards. The real life experiences of course leader James really rammed home the dangers and perils of a ‘gang culture’ and lifestyle. “Don’t dip your toe Joe!” has become a catchphrase in our classroom when discussing all forms of anti-social behaviour.

All of the sessions were engaging and brilliantly thought out in terms of message and objective. The strategies they provided will certainly stay with me always as an adult and I am sure this message will resonate with our children for a long time to come as they negotiate life beyond the school gate.

Thank you so much for this invaluable experience.

Mr McNally

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